5 steps to prevent diabetes

What is Diabetes?  Simply put, Diabetes is high blood sugar more than the normal range. This high sugar level now acts like a poison to the organs, call it sugar poison if you like.  Before the onset of Diabetes, there is warning called Prediabetes. This is screened for by a test called glycosylated Hemoglobin or A1c test … Continue reading 5 steps to prevent diabetes

How to maintain bone health

What is bone health?The human bone is made up of minerals, mainly calcium and phosphorus embedded in a matrix for strength. Our bone develops over growing years to provide support for standing and walking and protect vital organs from damage. The bone is a great source of the above mentioned minerals, released for use from … Continue reading How to maintain bone health

The importance of measles vaccine

Reposted article from 2016 Vaccines are very important to maintain good health. This topic will be on Measles and why measles vaccination is very important. WHAT IS MEASLES?Measles is a virus which infects children who are not immunized. Measles is spread by inhaling (breathing in) or ingesting (eating) droplets from an infected person when they … Continue reading The importance of measles vaccine

Health care in Nigeria

Reposted: Originally appeared on Health4Naija website in 2016. I decided to mellow the tempo a little bit, our first article was on Prostate Cancer and the next one on Hepatitis C, during this write up, I made reference to Tertiary healthcare institutions and I want to write about these terms. So I will try to … Continue reading Health care in Nigeria

Hepatitis C screening in Nigeria

Reposted: This article is from the Health4Naija archives from 2016. Last Month’s Launch was a great success. People loved the website, there were lots of likes on our Facebook page and our Twitter page gained some followers. The feedback and interest about the website was extremely encouraging and it seems that Nigerians are looking for … Continue reading Hepatitis C screening in Nigeria